Conspiracy: Cue Was Bought for a Smart Watch

Now Yes I know it makes perfect sense that Apple bought Cue for it’s Today screen in the notifications and to bolster Siri. But I am just going to think outside of the box here.

We all know Apple and Google side step each other when it comes down to features, these days it seems like a race about who can get to a certain feature first. So my theory is based on what I think Google will do with it’s smart watch. I feel wearables for Google will have similar UI’s, and Google’s watch will match the UI of Google Glass, which in the end is all powered by Google Now. So long story short Google’s watch will be Google Now on your wrist.

Fast forward to Cue. I think Apple knows that, these type of contextual notifications are what should really be on a true “smart watch”. However, they have nothing like this with iOS. So why reinvent the wheel?…Buy the closest thing. I think in the end the Cue purchase is ultimately for Apple to release contextual Google Now like notifications on a wearable device. In addition it also could have been Apple ensuring that Google doesn’t scoop up the closest competition to Google Now, just like they did with Waze.

This news also comes very close to new rumors making their rounds that Google will release a watch this month with 4.4. I

Anyway I am probably completely wrong, but I think it makes sense


Author: HeCareth

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