Jailbreaking. Embrace it rather than Limit it

So I found this article speaking to Apple advising their more inquisitive crowd recommending them not to Jail Break their devices.


I thought this is one of Apple’s weak points. Yes, Apple, you may not like developers tweaking with your “perfect” OS but this part of what moves the platform. This is part of how those new great features get added to the OS. Contrary to some, the best ideas don’t come out of Cupertino. Some actually come from the enthusiast who want to see something better. The treasure chest on concepts found on the internet many on Verge forums, with some being working Jailbreak modifications is just an example of this.

Now Azrienoch did a Youtube video explaining why rooting on the Android side is…necessary, and pushes the OS and platform. You may say, “Well that’s Android…this is Apple,” but the same premise still remains true here. The more developers you have using and tweaking mods to your OS, the more ideas you have to poach from and officially add it to the OS, in your own “unique” way. The only difference is that Google welcomes individual development and modding of Android OS, and OEMs know better than to come outright and try to stop it. HTC’s latest debacle shows how important that development/rooting community is.

Here is the video…


Anyway, knowing Apple, if they don’t like something, they sort of try to shut it down. If the Jailbreaking ceased to exist, will it hurt anything? Probably not, but I feel Apple will lose a great idea machine, by trying to squeeze the life out of the Jail-breaking community.

Anyway what do you all think?