Let’s Chat about Linux

So most people are probably Windows and Mac people.  Most likey putting the Linux camp into software nerds use because they like to make things complicated.  Welp, is that really case?

So I was running Windows 10 as my primary setup.  I dab here and there in Linux (Ubuntu), but never really considered it my primary machine.  My Media server running Plex is built on a Ubuntu mchine but it just sits there in the closet doing it’s thing don’t really use it much unless something needs to be updated or tweaked.

So long story short my Windows install…well…just stopped booting.  Not sure why and I tried all my tricks in the book to fix it (I used to do Desktop Support), but no bueno. So the next thing was to freshly install windows.  Then I thought to myself….hmmm…and why not try this Linux thing full time.

So I did, installed the newest version of Ubuntu, hit up the blogs and went to the races.  My experience?  Well it was great!! The software is mad stable, fast and basically works pretty darn good.  Sure there are some creature comforts one may miss in Windows but nothing that is a show stopper.  In addition feel like a damn nerdy hacker when I am trying to install stuff from the terminal window.  Yes, I know. Below is my desktop I finally came up with which looked pretty clean to my eyes.

Screenshot from 2017-05-29 13-24-30

The thing which I realize, is that we are in the age of Mobile and Cloud.  Which means as long as you have a browser your pretty much good to go with all the major stuff you need a desktop for.  Plus it’s free.  I am truly liking this, it is a nice change and lines up nicely with my Android loving stating of mind.  I suggest anyone who is willing to give it a shot.

Shoutouts to the OMG Ubuntu crew as their blog is a life saver giving me all sorts of interesting and great ideas to make this switch painless.

Until next time, I’m out.