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Now I was listening to a Ars Technica Podcast this morning, and it is actually my first time listening to their Podcast. Now I have a lot of respect for the site but I swear tech journalist these days are getting lazy, and their bias are starting to show more and more. With them saying companies are still on Windows 95, and other oddities which do not make sense

The thing I want to harp in is is the consistent bashing of Windows 8 by tech journalist. Windows 8 is not bad. It is different, but it is far from bad. What it is….it is not Mac OS, which I think is where all this bashing comes from. The vast majority of tech journalist use Mac OS as their primary operating system so anything that skews away from that look and feel is sometimes considered sub par. To be fair, Windows 8 is not perfect, and 8.1 added some key improvements, but for the most part I feel it is a nice OS.

Furthermore, the whole iWork suite being offered for free is the media making a big deal out of something small. It is not like iWork was crazy expensive ($5-$10) in the first place. What people have to realize is that for the most part College students by a vast majority use MS Office, and for the most part schools have volume licensing agreements to offer it to the student body for free..that includes office on Mac. Businesses by a vast majority use MS Office and many have Office at Home agreements that allow users to buy a copy for 2 computers for $10.

iWork is not cross platform, and will never be cross platform. So it means that everything will be regulated to Mac users who for the most part probably do not use Office like that in the first place. In addition they kind of makes the collaborative features null, unless everyone you are trying to collaborate with has a Apple device, so they have access to iWork in the cloud. Is iWork such a great piece software that because it is free people will now spend thousands on a Mac Book? I think not.

I guess the conclusion here is that as more tech journalist get deeper in Apple’s ecosystem their POVs become skewed to one side, making harder to distinguish what is really bad, and what is really you being to used to Mac OS.

The Verge review of Windows 8 and 8.1 for the most part show that it is no better or worse than it’s competitors and the bashing is simply uncalled for.


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