The Yes, No, Maybe Theory by HeCareth M. Wosu

By HeCareth M Wosu
Sometime in 2003

Male and Female interaction in regards to courting each other is interesting. To say the least I sometimes wonder how two certain people got together. I mean seriously have you ever wondered how even you hooked up with your so called significant other. Well in the end the conversation becomes circular and you always end up where you started, “I don’t know”

Anyway through some of my crazy ideas and thoughts and through observing friends, family members, and acquaintances go in and out of relationships, I came up with my own theory to one question that sometimes boggles my mind, “How did that happen?” Which my baby sister wrote a poem on that some may have heard. Prop’s you little Nugget.

Yes, No, Maybe….To the fellas, just because you always seem to get whatever girl you talk to does not necessarily mean you got game for days. You may not be that fly. The difference is you just have a better idea of where you stand with that female. And so I explain.

It starts like this, when girls and guys are in a social setting i.e. party or get together, everyone is always noticing everybody else. Guys are basically thinking in their head what girl is my target for tonight. To us it is not that complicated we go with a “Divide and Conquer” approach. Now for the ladies I feel it is different. Girls observe and notice guys and basically put labels on every guy in the room. A yes guy, a no guy, or a maybe guy. Let me explain further.

Some of us have the pleasure of always talking to the girl that regards us as a “Yes Guy.” So what does that mean? It means that when you speak to this female it’s not about what you said. She already decided she will go out or entertain you no matter what foolishness came out of your mouth. She was waiting for you to come to talk to her. In her mind she already knew that you may say something silly or you may say something beautiful, but it didn’t matter. If you asked her out, she will say yes. The only thing you really had to do was say, “Hey, want to go out?” Your job is done.

Then some of us have the bad luck of running into that girl that regards us as a “No Guy.” This is where those of us who think we are Super Pimps come back to reality. It is the exact opposite of the yes guy. You can say the sweetest thing imaginable that will pull almost any girl, but she will still tell you no. Why? Because before you walked up to her she noticed you and decided that for some reason or another she is not and will never be interested in you. So you coming to speak to her is just…well, hot air.

Now the maybe guy. By now you have figured this one out. When a girl labels a guy as maybe it means what you say can either make you or embarrass you. The difference between the maybe guy and the rest, is that how far you get is dependent on what you say or do.

The key is in the end, we never have the control. The final decision is always on the females end. No matter what you think went down, you only got as far as she let you. How’s that for an ego buster. Sucks huh?

This is for my 3 sisters who forever remind me that I will never understand ladies, and to every single girl I have been with or who completely embarrassed me. And to my boy Aaron, my always unknowing research subject for the past 6 years, LOL. You made this theory possible.