Google Should Buy or Invest in Validity Inc

The one thing no one can take from Apple is their ability to make simple things main stream. In some cases they remain the industry leader, and in others the get “out iterated” sort to speak. Anyway the new thing is Finger Print sensors, which are by far nothing new, but all of a sudden they have become more mainstream than ever.

I am sure other companies are working and probably have been working on the same, but I would like to see how Google from an Android perspective tackles this. When you have a physical button it is pretty much obvious how you implement the technology, however a full touch screen is well…different.

So here is what I think. I think Google should do another strategic buy in this space similar to what Apple did with Authentec. The company should be Validity Inc for the Natural ID tech.

While TouchID is purely fingerprint technology Natural ID is authentication technology on three fronts, Finger Print, Voice, and Facial Recognition. Google is already making strides in it’s Facial and Voice recognition technology and have the Validity Inc tech to bolster what they have already done with their Finger Print scanning tech could be the Android answer to Touch ID. In addition Natural ID also has the capability of Multi Factor authentication based on contextual location based and personal information.

You can read more here as Mobile Payments is also covered, but if anything I think it this landscape it would be a very strategic buy for Google.


Author: HeCareth

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