The things you do will always catchup with you in the end. Whether good or bad, what you do will always effect what you get in return. It’s the way it is and it will always be the way it works. The only thing we can do is go on, live with the rewards or consequences, and move on. Can’t dwell on what has been done, because its done and finished, and there is something which comes next. Progress is key, one must continue moving. Fix what can be repaired and invest what we have earned. Live and learn, keep what you have done right, and lose what you have done wrong.

Life comes at you in very interesting ways, but in the end you learn to live with what is tossed at you. The storm maybe heavy now, but it will not always be, the sun will shine again, and you will be ready for the next storm which lies ahead. I cannot dwell on that which is lost or regret the reasons why it is gone, but to cherish what is still there, and to build upon what is still left. What I have lost another will find, and I hope they love and cherish it as much as I did. It was a beautiful thing, but the show must go on.

To all my peoples…I love you all to death. You guys are great. But to my 3 first loves, you are my are the reason I am me. I may no show it, but without you a part of me would be gone. Life begins with family, and family begins with you. Eliada, Emi, and Chidi…Love you much.


Attention Fellas!!: Beware of the Smut (Yeah I said it!!!)

Now I know some folks may have read Chidi’s note on the Nice Guy, and you haven’t I suggest you do…but, what about the guys. Is there anything we need to watch out for?

YESSSS!!!! The Smut. Now you may ask, “HeCareth what the hell is a smut?” And I would explain this to you to the best of my ability. First off let me give credit where credit is due…to Ronald White…piano player extraordinare. who enlightened my vocabulary with the ever so useful adjective, “Smut.” and I digress

A Smut in this sense is a higher level Slut, someone that all dudes should be aware of. You see, unlike the slut the smut is very undercover and comes off as a very sweat girl, which any dude will love to date. She is not a Slut, because it is not public information that she gets around. Which is why smuts are smuts, they know how to keep things generally under wrap. The truth of the matter is that she is an undercover slut, don’t get it conscrewed.

“The Obvious Smut”
First off, dudes, no female with class is going to chase you. That is not the way things work. Yes she might leave clues, and little flirts here or there to draw you in, but she will not out rightly come after. Some of you guys think you some Playa status because you got all these little girls come after like you a movie star. Ummmmm….no. Think about it, if you can get her that quick…so can everyone else. Soooo….she just might… a Smut.

“Smut By Association”
The term birds of a feather flock together, comes into to play here. Smuts role together. It’s like their they’re to back each other up when their conscience whispers in their ear, “You know….your s smut.” That means for all you nice, lovely, ladies..who happen to have a smut or 2 in your need to be weary that their smutness does not rub off on you. Yeah, stop taken advice from Smuts. ITS NOT GOOD ADVICE!!! Honestly if a guy sees that one is a Smut, he is automatically going to think that whoever hangs out with her is just as easy. And if the smut just happens to be the more powerful influential one…well…..hey….she may not be smut…but she may have smut tendencies.

“Good Girl Gone Smut”
Now we get to the worst type of Smut. Yeah she was nice before but then she came across the “Good Guy”. And yes she was this Good Guys “Creep” (reference Chidi’s not for more information). Sooo what do you expect. She mad man….she very mad, because guess what? She was on Creep status….so yeah….she never got the dude. She got played. So the playee becomes the player. First off she don’t care about your feelings, the nice guy snatched that away before you got to her. She will use you, abuse you, and lose you…and in the meantime make you feel like you’re King Kong. You must remember that she used to be Good Girl so she knows how good girls are supposed to act. She also had to deal with a Nice Guy, so she knows how to read guys…very well. Most of the time you only find out home girl was a smut because she messed with some dude a little bit too close to your circle. First off you can tell because she lets get away with a little too much, meaning you are not that why get angry. Also check her friends…smuts tend to have bookoo male friends and very little female friends…like one, and she probably is a smut too. These females tend to lose many female friends because of their smutty ways..i.e “You slept with my boyfriend!!! How could you” Finally, if your boys really can’t give you an opinion of your girl, any opinion like, “Yeah..she’s nice.” or even “I don’t like your girl”, and they tell you something along the lines of, “Well, I don’t know, she’s your girl.” hmmm…welll….she might be a smut.

In the end, all I can say is fellas…leave the Smuts for the “Nice Guys”, they will get along just fine playing with each others emotions.