Are you serious Verizon?!?…..C’Mon Son

Did I ever mention whole much I despise calling Customer Service?  Serously, no matter the company the experience is nauseating.  A true waist of time.

So anyway, today was pretty chill so wifey decided to Call VZW customer service to fix an issues on her blackberry that hasn’t been working for a while.  Honestly….to me this is simple, after going through all the troubleshooting and talking to like 3 people, you should send me new phone.  Ohhhhh but not Verizon they have never seen the they want to do all this testing and research, wipe my wife’s phone and all this unnecessary stuff for no good reason.

Ok so here it comes, I know you are thinking……”HeCareth, they are experts at this, this is what they do, how do you know it’s unnecessary?”  Well……I just know.  I think that is sufficient.

Anyways I decided to talk…well…yeah talk to the rep. and she took me through the whole spill about this and that and why that is this and that is that and why this needs to be done to that to make sure that doesn’t screw up this.  Makes sense ;). LOL!!!  Well I basically we told her we have things to do and have no time to go through this long labored process of finding out why the visual voice mail on the blackberry has issues.

So to make this long story short, I decided to use my crack-berry prowess and deductive reasoning and troubleshooting skills to see if I can solve my wife’s visual voice mail mystery.  15 minutes later……voila…problem fixed…and the trip part about it, is that with everything she was going to make us do she would have never found the problem and ended up sending us another phone.

So actually I saved Verizon like 200 bucks on sending another phone, doing what she couldn’t do in 2 hours, in 15 minutes….how you love that one, Ms. Ever so smart I know what I’m talking about and you don’t Verizon Tier 2 Blackberry Technical Support Rep?

I would like my cookie now….until next time

~H “Dot”


Hmmm…about these Emergency Exit Tools

Ok, I was reading my favorite gadget blog… should take a gander one day, and I came across this exit tool thing.  Offered here: Exit Tool Thngy Now at first I was like yoooo!!! this is so cool..I mean if i crash my car into the River..God forbid, i can pull out my little exit tool thingy and MacGyver my way out to safety.  Right?

Wrong!!!!!  Can someone please tell me an individual who is thinking logically enough to try to figure out how to use things while they are minutes away from being engulfed in water.  Seriously, now I guess you can do a trial run…you know like a kindergarden fire drill.  Remember those…..your teaching saying, “Everyone walk in a straight line….Don’t run children.”  Yeah like if the school is on fire we are going to walk in straight lines out to a safe point.   Ok…but I digress…back to the exit tool thingy.   The issue here is that you really don’t test these things out until you are actually faced with the situation.  I mean what are you going to do if it doesn’t work…call customer service as a your car fills with water and steadily drops to the bottom of the river?  Can you imagine….”Please Press 1 for english”  Hillarious

So I know what your saying…”HeCareth, do you have a better ideah?”

Yes I do, instead of trying to buy some fancy cutesy little tool that makes you think your all high tech and safe…and then find out at the most inopportune time that it doesn’t work.  I have a cheap simple way………are you ready.


Yep a pocket knife and a baseball bat.  So simple a child can use it…and guaranteed not to file in the time of need.  LOL!!!  Anyways people Until next time…..

~H “Dot”

Blackberry app for WordPress

Yessurb!! WordPress got a Blackberry app. Yes I know they have been having one since October, but hey I wasn’t blogging then. Plus the new version came out last month, so I’m not that late.

Anyway excuse any typos I am trying to test this thing out. Don’t mind the pic, just my monitor on my dirty desk.

Oh yeah here is the link to the app: WordPress Blackberry App

LA Traffic Sucks!!!

LA Traffic Courtesy of the LA Times

Ok, so I get up at 6am this morning to be in some city in the LA area for an all day meeting at 8:30.  I eft at 6:30 and go there 10 minutes late.  I swear I should be paid I mileage premium for sitting in traffic all day.

Ok, yes it is LA and the traffic here….well sucks, but geez man this is insane I got home at 6:30pm.  That means I officially spent 12 hours of a 24 hour day in which 8 is supposed to be spent sleeping out o the comfort of my own home.  I honestly feel for some of my fellow LA commuters which have to drive 60 miles or so each way just to make it to work.  They say I’m acting like a baby.  Well, guess what? I’m from Pittsburgh and even though we have our own share of traffic woes…It was never that bad.

However..and that’s a big “HOWEVER”  I will trade all this traffic in for no snow any day.  All that unnecessary cold stuff which pounded Steel City this year…yeah I don’t miss it.

So even though I will still always and forever despise this LA traffic, I will tryyy. to get used to it.  Ok I think that is enough of my random traffic rant…..till the next time.

I’m Back……

Ok, decided to comeback to the blogosphere and do something usefull with my time instead of posting random shouts of nothings into to social networking cloud we call Facebook and Twitter.

Wow! It’s been a while sice I started this thing for a class.  Now I’m married living on the other side of the country, and just ejoying life.  What can I say.

More to come, stay tuned….

~H “Dot”