Apple vs Samsung…Let the Cat fighting begin

Ok let me first start by saying, that if anyone knows me well I carry a significant disdain for Apple, as I am an Blackberry turned Android fan.  Nonetheless, I love technology I do appreciate what Apple has done within the technology space, even though I can careless about their devices. Soooooo if you do see a bias in what I am bout to right, just be warned I told you..

Now Monday was the start of this highly anticipated, so called “technology trial of the century” between Apple and Samsung over what I believe to be utter bull.  You can check The Verges Guide to the trial if you want some more details and opinions over what is what but the key is this.

Apple said Samsung copied its designs which are patented.  These include:

  • The front speaker slot, uncluttered front face, display borders and the edge-to-edge glass of a smartphone.
  • The home button, uncluttered front face, rounded corners and the front edge border of a smartphone.
  • The general grid layout for icons, and a dock of separate icons at the bottom of a mobile device display.
  • The thin bezel, outer edge border, rounded corners, edge-to-edge front glass, and minimalist aesthetics on the front, sides and back of a tablet.

I think this case is BS, Yes Apple did bring something innovative with the iPhone in 2007, but the industry was moving in that direction anyway. We all know that almost every pocket PC out there no matter how ugly they were, was basically a touch screen.  In addition the LG Prada Phone…yes I went there, won a European design award in 2007.  My question to Apple, what gives you the right to monopolize the rights to a square device with a touch screen?

LJ Prada Phone

Now I won’t go into details, but Apple’s abuse of the Patent system to get broad patents to stifle competition and innovation disgust me.  Consumers are not that dumb, the strong majority of us know the difference between an iPhone and some other touch screen device.  Trust me if we are about to drop 299.00 on a device which we will be stuck with for 2 years, I’m sure we are completely clear if this is an iPhone or not.  In the end this trial is really about us, wether you are an Android, iOS, Windows,, you should not want anyone to win this trial.

Here is the thing all companies learn from each other which allows for companies to innovate their products further.  Yes Android, moved to a full touch screen device when the iPhone was released, but they added new innovations like Widgets, Notification Center, and deeper customization.  Apple learned from Android with their Notification Center which included a type of widget.  None of these companies would be where they are by themselves.  So everyone should just shut-up and give me a phone that can cooks me dinner!!!