Bravo…and these Reality TV Shows.


So I was sitting with my beautiful wife passing time away watching TV…I did I mention my sexy wife..hahaha.. Anyway, she is on her reality TV binge and we happen to start watching this new show called Start Ups: Silicon Valley


I mean seriously, it is about a whole bunch of selg proclaimed entrepenuers who are basically a bunch of bloggers.  Now some, and by that I mean 1, is actually trying to build an actual product, but in the end it is about a whole bunch of people who make cash from being social and blogging about it.

Look I am a techie, and I kind of got excited when there will be a show about tech startups.   I was kind of pissed when it ended being some useless show about party happy bloggers and people with some seriously flawed business plans.

Anyway my message to Bravo…keep to the fashion and housewives and leave the tech stuff to us nerds.  It is bad enough you call something Silicon Valley when it is really in San Francisco…and the show is just the ultimate insult to the folks who are really the movers and shakers in tech and starting real start-ups.


LA Traffic Sucks!!!

LA Traffic Courtesy of the LA Times

Ok, so I get up at 6am this morning to be in some city in the LA area for an all day meeting at 8:30.  I eft at 6:30 and go there 10 minutes late.  I swear I should be paid I mileage premium for sitting in traffic all day.

Ok, yes it is LA and the traffic here….well sucks, but geez man this is insane I got home at 6:30pm.  That means I officially spent 12 hours of a 24 hour day in which 8 is supposed to be spent sleeping out o the comfort of my own home.  I honestly feel for some of my fellow LA commuters which have to drive 60 miles or so each way just to make it to work.  They say I’m acting like a baby.  Well, guess what? I’m from Pittsburgh and even though we have our own share of traffic woes…It was never that bad.

However..and that’s a big “HOWEVER”  I will trade all this traffic in for no snow any day.  All that unnecessary cold stuff which pounded Steel City this year…yeah I don’t miss it.

So even though I will still always and forever despise this LA traffic, I will tryyy. to get used to it.  Ok I think that is enough of my random traffic rant…..till the next time.

I’m Back……

Ok, decided to comeback to the blogosphere and do something usefull with my time instead of posting random shouts of nothings into to social networking cloud we call Facebook and Twitter.

Wow! It’s been a while sice I started this thing for a class.  Now I’m married living on the other side of the country, and just ejoying life.  What can I say.

More to come, stay tuned….

~H “Dot”


The things you do will always catchup with you in the end. Whether good or bad, what you do will always effect what you get in return. It’s the way it is and it will always be the way it works. The only thing we can do is go on, live with the rewards or consequences, and move on. Can’t dwell on what has been done, because its done and finished, and there is something which comes next. Progress is key, one must continue moving. Fix what can be repaired and invest what we have earned. Live and learn, keep what you have done right, and lose what you have done wrong.

Life comes at you in very interesting ways, but in the end you learn to live with what is tossed at you. The storm maybe heavy now, but it will not always be, the sun will shine again, and you will be ready for the next storm which lies ahead. I cannot dwell on that which is lost or regret the reasons why it is gone, but to cherish what is still there, and to build upon what is still left. What I have lost another will find, and I hope they love and cherish it as much as I did. It was a beautiful thing, but the show must go on.

To all my peoples…I love you all to death. You guys are great. But to my 3 first loves, you are my are the reason I am me. I may no show it, but without you a part of me would be gone. Life begins with family, and family begins with you. Eliada, Emi, and Chidi…Love you much.