Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

My name is….

Nahhh, let me not screw up that epic Jay-Z line. I don’t have bars. Hahahahaha.

​I’m a grown ass man.  Yes that is right I use a cliche to reinvent my blog yet again. Sure it is not catchy or life changing, but lets get real, this is just a blog.  

In a realer sense many things have changed since I have blogged last and many things have not.  For starters I have 2 wonderful boys I am now responsible for, and honestly that changes a lot.  What hasn’t changed…well…I am still a tech fanboy, and I love gadgets, cars, fashion, and shoes.  Yeah it is a weird mix, but I am a nerd, and nerds are allowed to have weird mixes.  Thank you very much.

Work is work, you don’t need the gritty details but I’m still in the same place just with a little more responsibility and a little more paper for my pockets. That however helps to counter act how much cash it takes to raise to boys. 

Finally my beautiful wife is as beautiful as the first date we met. Brotha needs to keep up. While the babies take up almost all of our time we are still going strong and I humbly thank God for that. 

So, what’s next?

That for whatever 2 people are reading my scratch is the million dollar question. This blog was always meant as a way for me to get my thoughts out to whoever cared to read them. Simple as that. While I have grown husband, father, and son, I hope that growth will eminate in the words that I infuse to this screen.  This ain’t suppose to be poetry or some new thought provoking exercise on a particular topic. No. This is me and not about you. Lol..that was rude huh?  Well in the words of David Chapelle, “I keep it real!!!!” let’s hope it doesn’t go wrong. 

Anyways, before I start to ramble off. Welcome to HeCareth, The Blog.


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