LA Traffic Sucks!!!

LA Traffic Courtesy of the LA Times

Ok, so I get up at 6am this morning to be in some city in the LA area for an all day meeting at 8:30.  I eft at 6:30 and go there 10 minutes late.  I swear I should be paid I mileage premium for sitting in traffic all day.

Ok, yes it is LA and the traffic here….well sucks, but geez man this is insane I got home at 6:30pm.  That means I officially spent 12 hours of a 24 hour day in which 8 is supposed to be spent sleeping out o the comfort of my own home.  I honestly feel for some of my fellow LA commuters which have to drive 60 miles or so each way just to make it to work.  They say I’m acting like a baby.  Well, guess what? I’m from Pittsburgh and even though we have our own share of traffic woes…It was never that bad.

However..and that’s a big “HOWEVER”  I will trade all this traffic in for no snow any day.  All that unnecessary cold stuff which pounded Steel City this year…yeah I don’t miss it.

So even though I will still always and forever despise this LA traffic, I will tryyy. to get used to it.  Ok I think that is enough of my random traffic rant…..till the next time.


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One thought on “LA Traffic Sucks!!!”

  1. I will have you know that we are declarinig the notorious Snowmegeddon over! Even if at any minute this hiccup of 60 degree, balmy, snow melting weather may completely throw up another 6 inches of frozen precipitation anytime soon. It doesn’t matter! We choose to live in oblivion to the possibilities. Yes, nothing like having the brother around to help advise through ice-covered roads. But nor worries, boy child – we were soldiers.

    BESIDES, I celebrate in your beautiful weather, but I remind you dear brother, snow storms are seasonal…and hardcore traffic, not so much. Lol. Love you!


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