Hmmm…about these Emergency Exit Tools

Ok, I was reading my favorite gadget blog… should take a gander one day, and I came across this exit tool thing.  Offered here: Exit Tool Thngy Now at first I was like yoooo!!! this is so cool..I mean if i crash my car into the River..God forbid, i can pull out my little exit tool thingy and MacGyver my way out to safety.  Right?

Wrong!!!!!  Can someone please tell me an individual who is thinking logically enough to try to figure out how to use things while they are minutes away from being engulfed in water.  Seriously, now I guess you can do a trial run…you know like a kindergarden fire drill.  Remember those…..your teaching saying, “Everyone walk in a straight line….Don’t run children.”  Yeah like if the school is on fire we are going to walk in straight lines out to a safe point.   Ok…but I digress…back to the exit tool thingy.   The issue here is that you really don’t test these things out until you are actually faced with the situation.  I mean what are you going to do if it doesn’t work…call customer service as a your car fills with water and steadily drops to the bottom of the river?  Can you imagine….”Please Press 1 for english”  Hillarious

So I know what your saying…”HeCareth, do you have a better ideah?”

Yes I do, instead of trying to buy some fancy cutesy little tool that makes you think your all high tech and safe…and then find out at the most inopportune time that it doesn’t work.  I have a cheap simple way………are you ready.


Yep a pocket knife and a baseball bat.  So simple a child can use it…and guaranteed not to file in the time of need.  LOL!!!  Anyways people Until next time…..

~H “Dot”


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