Blackberry app for WordPress

Yessurb!! WordPress got a Blackberry app. Yes I know they have been having one since October, but hey I wasn’t blogging then. Plus the new version came out last month, so I’m not that late.

Anyway excuse any typos I am trying to test this thing out. Don’t mind the pic, just my monitor on my dirty desk.

Oh yeah here is the link to the app: WordPress Blackberry App


Author: HeCareth

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2 thoughts on “Blackberry app for WordPress”

  1. Typical… all u’all blackberry folks get super excited when you discover an app of a program you frequently use. Don’t blame you. it’s only a matter of time before they become obsolete.

  2. LOL..typical that all you iphone folk have tons of useless apps..and a phone that is a pain in the butt to use ;). Oh yeah it’s already obsolete…lol

    Bring it, Tenny!!!!!! LOL!!!

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