Are you serious Verizon?!?…..C’Mon Son

Did I ever mention whole much I despise calling Customer Service?  Serously, no matter the company the experience is nauseating.  A true waist of time.

So anyway, today was pretty chill so wifey decided to Call VZW customer service to fix an issues on her blackberry that hasn’t been working for a while.  Honestly….to me this is simple, after going through all the troubleshooting and talking to like 3 people, you should send me new phone.  Ohhhhh but not Verizon they have never seen the they want to do all this testing and research, wipe my wife’s phone and all this unnecessary stuff for no good reason.

Ok so here it comes, I know you are thinking……”HeCareth, they are experts at this, this is what they do, how do you know it’s unnecessary?”  Well……I just know.  I think that is sufficient.

Anyways I decided to talk…well…yeah talk to the rep. and she took me through the whole spill about this and that and why that is this and that is that and why this needs to be done to that to make sure that doesn’t screw up this.  Makes sense ;). LOL!!!  Well I basically we told her we have things to do and have no time to go through this long labored process of finding out why the visual voice mail on the blackberry has issues.

So to make this long story short, I decided to use my crack-berry prowess and deductive reasoning and troubleshooting skills to see if I can solve my wife’s visual voice mail mystery.  15 minutes later……voila…problem fixed…and the trip part about it, is that with everything she was going to make us do she would have never found the problem and ended up sending us another phone.

So actually I saved Verizon like 200 bucks on sending another phone, doing what she couldn’t do in 2 hours, in 15 minutes….how you love that one, Ms. Ever so smart I know what I’m talking about and you don’t Verizon Tier 2 Blackberry Technical Support Rep?

I would like my cookie now….until next time

~H “Dot”


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