Bravo…and these Reality TV Shows.


So I was sitting with my beautiful wife passing time away watching TV…I did I mention my sexy wife..hahaha.. Anyway, she is on her reality TV binge and we happen to start watching this new show called Start Ups: Silicon Valley


I mean seriously, it is about a whole bunch of selg proclaimed entrepenuers who are basically a bunch of bloggers.  Now some, and by that I mean 1, is actually trying to build an actual product, but in the end it is about a whole bunch of people who make cash from being social and blogging about it.

Look I am a techie, and I kind of got excited when there will be a show about tech startups.   I was kind of pissed when it ended being some useless show about party happy bloggers and people with some seriously flawed business plans.

Anyway my message to Bravo…keep to the fashion and housewives and leave the tech stuff to us nerds.  It is bad enough you call something Silicon Valley when it is really in San Francisco…and the show is just the ultimate insult to the folks who are really the movers and shakers in tech and starting real start-ups.


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