Best of 2012

Everyone is always releasing these best of 2012 post which some I agree with and some is pure garbage so I figured I will release my own, as it doesn’t take a genius to to make a list of the best in tech.


First off lets talk about phones.  Just toss the whole Fanboy  Android vs iPhone deal out the Window, and tell your little whiny Windows phone friend to be quiet.  There was no best phone of 2012, in my opinion there were 3.  Yes of course there was the iPhone 5, Apple’s iconic phone which honestly had some major updates this cycle.  It has a better, bigger screen and 4G LTE.  Yes I know some of you will say it is so much more, but lets face it the majority of people see 2 things a bigger screen and 4G LTE, which for all intensive purposes might be, “Meh” to others, but it is major for those iOS users.  In addition, add the Galaxy S3 to your list.  As much as I hate touchwiz, it is a pretty nice device with some nifty little features, and everyone I know has that damn phone.  Finally of course the Nexus 4, yes I know it does not have LTE, but yo, that thing is $300 unlocked, who ever heard of that.  Not to mention, it is finally putting the Nexus line on the map, something Google has had a hard time doing.


Nexus 7, no not the iPad Mini, or Kindle Fire….the Nexus 7.  This tablet had Apple fans dropping their iPads and buying 2.  When has an Android tablet ever done that.  Kindle Fire was just too….well…Amazonish, and no Google Apps, we all know how we love our Google Apps.  The iPad mini, was basically Apple forcing themselves to make a tablet so they don’t lose market share.  I mean no retina display, no GPS, and 329.00 for that thing….I think not.  I don’t care how beautiful that thing is, people don’t buy tablets to adorn like a work of art.

Finally the real best of 2012 is Project Glass..this is what tech companies should be doing, thinking outside of the box, not iterating their smartphones and calling it, some new innovation.  I still watch this YouTube video and I’m like can’t wait till this is live.  Yeah I know most have seen it but I will show it again, because it is just that cool.



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