Remember that Sphere…aka the Nexus Q? My thoughts


2013 is coming and it basically means new stuff, new phones, new tablets, new tech, new everything. Google I/O, WWDC, CES, and every other major conference out there. So looking back on 2012 it was the year everyone got their Smartphone’s in order. Apple gave us LTE, Google gave us Project Butter…and everyone’s experience is pretty much on par with each other… my point.

2013 Will be the year of the Battle for the Big Screen. Smartphones are pretty much moving in an iterative stage and the next step is integration across devices. So remember that Sphere called the Nexus Q that wass 299.99 and ended being free to those who pre-ordered. Well I think it will come back under Android@Home. I was seraching for something and I came across an old blog post from Slash Gear talking about the ins and outs of Android@Home and I saw something that looked familliar



Yeah it is a sphere that can read NFC tags off of CD’s and download music into your Play Music Account. Reminds you of something? You can read more about it here

But my whole thing is that Google is not trying to have Apple one up them on the TV, so I think they may completely rethink Google TV. They released it to OEMs which basically just could not get it right and now it is time for Google to take lead…like they did with the 7″ Tablets platform, so this is what I am guessing.

  • The Nexus Q will be merged with the Google TV. Offering a full package audio and video streaming box or sphere.
  • The Device will also be a Miracast device to handle mirroring from Tablets and Phones
  • The device will also be a hub for home automation services connected through WiFi Direct or WiFi

Now the Cable Provider issues. As we all know Google TV is a layer on top of your cable box enhancing your experience. However, since Cable Providers are annoying they did not let the system tie in with the DVR effectively limiting your experience. The point of Google TV is to have one input to access anything you need be just clicking a button on a remote and I think this is how it can work.

  • Work with the Cable Companies to have them push DVR Access in their Apps.On Demand is now being added to the Apps so the only thing which is needed is DVR content
  • The Your DVR button on the Google TV should be linked to the Cable Providers App which will launch directly into a DVR activity when you click on it, this can be managed through the Intents system so you can default that action to any TV App, TWC, Xfinity, Dish or any other app. Once you select a show to watch it will just switch your DVR to that selected recording. The Cable companies App controls everything.
  • Also Add a On Demand Button which will also launch the same type of activity into the on demand portion of the App. Which will launch the on-demand show directly on the cable box when selected.
  • Add Tie-Ins to content providers applications like IMDB, HBO, Showtime, and TNT.
  • Finally everything should be searchable though the Universal Search similar to Universal search on the phone. If you search for things like NCIS, you will get a list of episodes available on Live TV, Through the DVR, On on Demand, or through any other app. It will also give you Youtube clips, IMDB information, and Wikipedia Entries

I think in the end everyone benefits. Cable Companies will completely control the access to their media through their own app, it will not be a direct tie in. So in turn their app will be controlling their DVR. This will allow users to have access to all media content from one input. The app would have to be modified for TV, but I don’t think this will be some difficult task, and it would just layer on top of what you are currently watching on the actual TV, regardless of what that is.
Anyway just my thoughts…