The Benefits of Separating Core Apps


Like everyone else we got another Google Now update today. I count at least 4 updates since Google Now went live on JB in July. Google’s core apps, are not built into the Android OS, so these Apps can be updated at any given time multiple times between release cycles keeping Google’s apps fresh and up to date.

I feel this separation of apps might create an issue for Apple trying to keep up with Google’s apps. Google Now is a perfect example, where it has been updated about 4 times in about 6 Months, Siri has been updated about 3 times in the past year. This allows Google to just load features when they are ready instead of having to wait for a major OS update that cannot happen that often. In addition Google has even moved the Calendar app into the app store, which shows a trend. I think by the time Android 5.0 comes out we might start seeing the Phone app and SMS app move to the play store allowing people to choose a Nexus like experience by just downloading the app.

I really think that integrated messaging will be next major thing on Android, and it will most likely be the evolution of Google Talk. Basically an API based messaging app that can link into Facebook, whatsapp, and others. With Google Voice having the option to integrate itself into the app, similar to what happens with the Voicemail and Phone app. The how crazy part here is that it would start as a downloadable app, like chrome started. Google will probably update every other month fast tracking the features and integration, and probably finally make it the default app on the next OS release.

Ok I’m starting to ramble…

Long story short if Apple is really trying to compete move away from the perceived OS staleness, moving their Core Apps out the OS and into the App Store on a more frequent update cycle might be the way to go. It would make the competition intense and force all companies to really start thinking outside the box with the future of their OS’

What do you all think?


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