The TV Space Just Got Interesting

Today with HBO Go streaming coming to the Chromecast, Google just made one big addition to services with Chromecast capability. Just 4 months ago Chromecast was released and many thought that it would be a non starter after it seemed support was quiet. However now in total Chromecast support is on Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Play Music, Play TV/Movies, and HBO Go. All this before an official SDK is released which rumors are pointing to December.

That is major. Yes there is no Amazon Instant Video, but with that amount of support I think Amazon will simply feel the pressure especially if they are trying to compete with Netflix.

Hey it has only been 4 months but by next summer I feel not only will there be Amazon Instant Video support. We will have a SDK and a ton of apps with support like Plex, Pocketcast, and other popular apps.