What if the iWatch was more of a iBand?


Now I know this iWatch rumor has grown legs and everyone is thinking there would be an iWatch. But what if that is not even the case. Apple saw that the Nano Watch band thingy did not catch on as much as they thought, so would extra features really make an actual iWatch any better?

No, I don’t think so.

I think Apple is not going to make an iWatch but more of an iBand. A fitness tracking band designed o do what things like the FitBit Flex and FuelBand do, but with a little more. Basically adding an LCD display for watch and notification options, using Bluetooth LE.

I am assuming this for several reasons.

  1. I think Apple will flatly absorb Nike’s Fuelband business, and this is the reason why they decided not to make an Android App…because it will be under Apple’s umbrella going forward.
  2. The hired the Fuelband Designer Jay Blahnik which to me reinforces the first point that this will be more of a band than a watch.
  3. Fitness bands are way more popular than watches and appeal more to the cross platform mass market.
  4. Also Apple’s patent filling is not for really a watch but more of a flexible wearable device, which to me fits more to a band than a watch.
  5. Tim Cook always mentions, “We have some exciting new product category.” The smartwatch is neither exciting or new to the masses. However a Smart Band just might be it, as it is neither really a smart watch or a fitness band. It is a Smart Band…..hmmm…new category?
  6. Finally Apple is trying to move it’s recent image as a “Me Too” company to the “I did it first Company” and a smartwatch is just not the right way to do it in my opinion.

Now I could be completely wrong. But that is just my take.


Author: HeCareth

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