Low End, Mid Range, High End….It Doesn’t Matter..It’s the Experience

All this talk about the leaked Moto X specs and it’s “Mid-Range” Specs made me think about this whole spec battle in general. We all know the the Nexus line of phones are considered Mid Range devices based on their specs, but 9/10 provide a much more smoother enjoyable experience than the High End devices like the GS4 or HTC One.

I guess my point here is that just because a phone is a mid-range device does not mean it will perform worse than the so called high end device. I mean the iPhone based on specs would be considered a mid rang device, however most people considered it, arguably here, a premium high end device. So what exactly is the difference?

I think in the end the focus should be experience…not specs. For the new Moto X, you probably are not going to need some crazy specs to run Stockish Android. The real reason the GS4 and One need those specs is because they have to account for the skin layer on top of Android which the phone runs.

For me I predict the cheaper “Mid Range” Moto X will out perform the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One in regards to smoothness, polish, and more enjoyable user experience. In my mind that is what makes a premium phone, high end phone. Sure it might lose in the benchmarks….but that doesn’t matter.

I think Apple’s marketing team has always been geniuses at pushing the message that the iPhone is about experience not specs. I think this is why the new “Cotton Candy” look of iOS 7 gets so much flack. It messes with the users experience.

Google/Motorola needs to change the conversation in Android and start focusing on the experience…not the specs. IMO Stock Android’s design language is a much cleaner, more gender neutral look than any of the other OS. With Google services in tow, there is really no reason the phone should not be a hit.