iPad Mini will destroy all other 7″ Tablets?….Uhhh….Not really.


I was waiting for Apple to release the infamous even invite for the iPad Mini, so as it comes here comes all the crazy comments. For some reason folks think the iPad mini is going to blow the Nexus 7 out of the water, and that this will be the end of all other Tablet’s as we know it.

Objectively speaking I think the iPad mini will sell very well. I think many folks will actually sell there iPad 2 for an iPad mini. Additionally those folks in which price was a barrier to entry in the tablet space might actually budge. However, I think this happened with the Kindle, which made people realize that Apple is not the only company that can make a quality tablet with decent content. The majority of people want a 7″ Tablet simply for media consumption….news, video, music, books, games. The only real edge Apple has here is games. We are no longer in 2010 were nothing even came close to matching an iPad. This is 2012 where folks are ditching their iPads for Nexus 7’s. Media can cross devices more easier than ever, and everyone Amazon, Google, etc…has a ton of content. Yes for a ful lsize 10″ Tablet, apps are a key issue, but I don’t think it comes into play that much with the 7 inchers. These tablets fare for us to watch YouTube and Hulu, Read books and magazines, and browse the web. The apps that make a difference will be the media content apps, which are pretty much on par across all platforms.

This new tablet market are the folks who want a cheap, quality, tablet, to read books and watch movies. This is not the market that wants a tablet for better productivity. Thus, the iPad mini is just Apple’s version of the solution, which will sell well, but not destroy anything else out there. Kindle and Google will offer quality tablets offering more features for a much less of the price, catering to those consumers who like to purchase cheap Android phones. This is not, and has never been Apple’s consumer market target, and I don’t think their name and brand recognition is going to be enough for them to ultimately kill off all other 7 inchers.

But…the iPad Mini, will sell and it will make Apple a crap load of cash, and I’m sure of that.


Author: HeCareth

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