Yes the Kid is back.  None other the one and only H “Dot” Wosu…lol.  I thought I should bring back my blog from the dead, resurrect it, freshen it up, actually write a couple of post..you know..that type of stuff.

About me? Well where do I start…How about the vitals..

Bam!! The Vitals

Birthday: February 8, 1982
Height nd Weight: 5’6″ 175
A.K.A’s: GQ, Diddy, Da “Hate”(Long story)
Hobbies: TV, Music, Computer
s, Cell Phones, shoes, and cars
Employment:  SAP Technical Specialist, Southern California Edison
ducation: BA Communications and MS IT Project Management

Ok so what else?  I’m very happily married, living in California with my beautiful wife enjoying life to the fullest.  My blog is basically about the random things I think about.  For those who know me this could be a rant, some crazy new piece of tech that is simply amazing, my love for my blackberry sorry Android phone, and of course the everyday sagas of other peoples relationships in general.  Hey that’s pretty much it.  Read it, comment on it, love it…oh but don’t forget..,”It’s not about you…” Lol..peace, love and God’s blessings.

~H “Dot”

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